I have seen Julie present at several conferences now and always find her engaging, fun, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and most of all PASSIONATE about her subject. She truly loves the role she has in our commercial world and actually makes you feel like she is talking to YOU as an individual alongside having total empathy with the audience. Julie can make you cry and laugh all in the same sentence, a true skill for any public speaking.

Victoria O'Farrell

MD, Motivational Voice Ltd

I have known Julie for three years and in this time she has been a true inspiration.  Not only has her stewardship of the BIFM as Chairman been a benchmark for good governance and clear leadership, she has worked tirelessly to professionalise the industry and support others to do the same.  Julie has championed the BIFM FM Professional Standards and the overriding importance of continuous professional development. Not only to improve the capability of FMs for their own development but to improve the performance of the organisations they work for.

I am personally humbled by the amount of time and dedication that Julie puts into supporting BIFM, practitioners and the profession as a whole. As well as being a figurehead for the profession, Julie is the first to stand up and support initiatives that benefit the greater good. I do not believe our industry could ask for a better ambassador. Moreover, Julie does not just talk the talk, with many years of experience at Channel 4 she created an environment that encompasses the real strategic impact FM can make.

Julie is respected by the team here at BIFM, our membership, volunteers and the wider FM community. I have heard nothing but praise and respect for Julie as she has true authenticity in all that she does as well as the conviction to make things happen for the greater good and  the wider benefit to the economy and society.

James Sutton

CEO, British Institute of Facilities Management

Julie is a joy to work with – energetic, committed and fun. She has done amazing work at Channel 4, where she successfully connected the values and strategic direction of the organisation to the stylish and practical use of the space.

Kathy Poole

former Head of People Services, Channel 4

I have worked with Julie through the Women In FM network for number of years, during which she has progressed to the position of Chair of BIFM and has won prestigious awards. This success is unsurprising and well-deserved, as she is a highly capable, experienced FM leading a team that is providing a top-notch service at Channel 4.

Julie’s professional competence both as a leader in FM and as a Board chair is undisputed. But the most remarkable think about Julie, in my view, is that despite two highly demanding roles, she always finds the time to support the Women In FM network and spend time with younger women at the beginning of their FM journeys. Her combination of inspiration and wise advice has helped a great many people become more successful in the profession for which she waves the flag.

Lucy Jeynes

MD, Larch Consulting Ltd

I have had the pleasure ad the privilege of both knowing and working alongside Julie for a number of years and would have no hesitation when recommending Julie to any organisation. Julie is an inspirational leader who has a very strong sense of responsibility for any role she takes on. She, quite rightly, won FM of the year for the amazing work that she delivered to Channel 4 and I am sure that those are going to be some tough shoes to fill. I would me more than happy to offer a further personal reference should anyone wish to contact me directly about Julie. I am pleased to consider Julie not only a colleague but a confidante and friend and mentor as well.

Ashleigh Brown

AIRP consultant to the FM Sector

Julie is a lively, honest and uplifting woman. It is always a pleasure to hear her speak at conferences – she is obviously very passionate, and offers clear and relatable content. She is a fantastic ambassador for BIFM, and although I was not part of WIFM whilst Julie was on the committee, she continues to offer support.

Still new to the industry and living in Southampton, I contacted Julie in 2010 to congratulate her for winning FM of the Year, and to ask her how she got in to FM. She replied with such enthusiasm and kindness, offering to call to chat about it further. Without knowing it, Julie was one of the inspirations and movements behind me relocating to London, and she continues to be my great influence to this day.

Tanya Horscroft

Facilities Management Professional and Deputy Chair for the BIFM Women in FM SIG

Having worked with Julie over the past few years within various roles at BIFM I have had an insight into her work and am personally inspired by her sustained contribution to the FM Industry. We met while serving on the WIFM committee and have since worked for three years as NED’s on the BIFM Board.

As the current serving Chairman (2014 – 2016) Julie is committed to developing BIFM as a professional body. She is well equipped to do this with her inclusive personal working style, a clear vision and an extensive understanding of Board governance. Under her guidance the Board have embarked on a program of change and in this context, Julie provides strong leadership to the organisation. She is dedicated to the role of Chairman and passionate about Facilities Management as a career of choice.

BIFM is in a period of sustained growth with improvements in membership numbers, registered learners and event attendees. These are all positive outputs of the team effort that Julie is leading.

On a personal note, Julie provides me with ongoing coaching and support and It is a pleasure to know and work with her in a voluntary capacity.

Samantha Raishbrook

UK Services Manager at ARAMARK Ireland

I have known Julie since 2007 and have been in awe of her dedication to the FM industry.

Her professionalism and dedication can be seen in both her role as Head of Corporate Services for Channel4 but also for all that she has done for BIFM and Women in FM. She is ever so generous and eager to help all those she comes into contact with.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the many changes Julie made at Channel 4 that created a world class workplace for her colleagues and internal clients.

I am delighted that our paths continue to cross at various functions within the industry.

I would not hesitate to recommend Julie as a colleague, mentor or coach.

Debra Ward

MD, EMEA, Condeco Software

Julie Kortens continues her strategic leadership within C4 whilst at the same time, revitalising and re-energising BIFM as the current non-executive Chairman. Julie is widely admired and respected – she has great wisdom and insight. At the half-way stage of her two year tenure as Chairman of BIFM, she is making radical, positive, transformational developments to ensure a solid future for the institute, providing full accountability and responsibility from the team, with a clear vision and route forward for the members. She is an outstanding leader and motivator.

Joanna Lloyd-Davies

consultancy services, Joanna Lloyd-Davies

As Chair of BIFM as well as her work leading the Corporate Services Team at Channel 4, Julie uses her energy, leadership skills and time management to contribute significantly to both the FM profession and our industry. I admire her enormously.

Anne Lennox-Martin

MD, FMP360

It’s rare to come across someone who is both a dynamic, highly driven leader and also incredibly focused on developing those around her. Having worked with Julie over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity as an NED to learn from her as Chairman of the board, where she quickly gets to grips with the strengths of those around her, allows us to play to those strengths, and yet still believes that we can achieve more.

Julie is also one of the most well-connected people I know, and is generous in putting people in contact. Whether it’s in her role with Channel 4, as Chairman of BIFM, or in mentoring and coaching roles, she’s definitely someone you want to connect with.

Liz Kentish

MD, Kentish and Co

I had the pleasure of being on the Women in FM committee with Julie, when she was both deputy Chair and Chair. Julie is a great role model for all who want to progress in their career, no hesitation in sharing her knowledge and helping those around her. One of life’s happy people and her happiness is infectious!

Victoria O'Farrell

MD, MV Consultants Ltd

I worked with Julie for 4 years. She is an extremely capable, very warm and highly professional leader. She is absolutely the sort of person you would want on your side during a crisis and you would still have the comfort of knowing that she has the day to day stuff covered too. Julie runs an extremely tight and responsive team delivering a class leading service. Her success is down to hard work and being tough where she needs to be while still being capable of showing her human side where appropriate.

David Dorans

Chief Financial Officer, Mirriad Advertising Limited

Julie always impressed me with her genuine commitment to issues close to my heart – from environmental responsibility to diversity and equality. Julie has a brilliant can-do attitude, and I highly recommend her.

Oona King

Baroness King of Bow, House of Lords

When I was a young designer first assisting on design projects with Channel Four, Julie was a formidable client, I was terrified!!!

I went on to run several projects and Julie became great to work with. I admire her drive and also her support,although it is fair to say she does expect in return hard work and commitment.

I hope to continue woring with Julie in the future.

Simon Flint

Co Founder and Director, DeSallesFlint

Having worked with Julie on the committee over the last two years she has been consistently inspiring to her staff and presented cutting edge solutions to the challenges that faces FM today. She truly is a consummate professional.

Liana Sinclair

Associate Director, Channel 4 Television

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie for the past year through our involvement with Women in FM. Julie is an inspirational leader, generous and dedicated to the advancement of the FM profession.

She is a deserved winner of BIFM’s FM of the Year 2010.

Christine Jones

Social Media & Brand Strategist, Christine Jones Communications